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CESAR & LOUIS | An Argument for an Ecosystemic AI: Articulating Connections across Prehuman and Posthuman Intelligences


As an art collective Cesar & Lois develops projects that examine sociotechnical systems, attempting to challenge anthropocentric technological pathways while linking to intelligences sourced in biological circuitry. As artists we imagine new configurations for what we understand as (social, economic, technological) networks and intelligences. With this ecosystemic approach we consider the possibility of an artificial intelligence (AI) that supports well-being in a broad sense, accommodating relationships across different layers of living worlds and involving local and global communities of all kinds. This thinking is grounded in research by theorists across disciplines, including communications and media theory, microbiology, anthropology, decolonial studies, social ecology, sociology and environmental psychology. At a time when human beings and their ecosystems face grave threats due to climate change and a global pandemic, we are rethinking the basis for our AIs, and for the resulting decision-making on behalf of societies and ecosystems. Creative projects by Cesar & Lois provide alternative conceptual models for thinking across networks, reframing the artists’ and potentially viewers’ understanding of what motivates and shapes societies. Referencing a series of artworks and the theories that underpin them, this article envisages a sociotechnical framework that takes into account ecosystems and challenges the philosophical orientations that guide society.

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CLAUDIO FILHO E FERNANDA OLIVEIRA | Coexistências-rio: poética pós-antropogênica no livro interativo ///rios.força.fluxo (2020) - Revista Climacom - Mudanças Climáticas

RESUMO: Consideramos modos de existência e criações conjuntas como processos de aprendizagens entre humanos e não-humanos, vivos e não-vivos, as quais promovem importantes reflexões acerca da habitabilidade do mundo à nossa volta. Este ensaio entrelaça conceitos e propostas sobre a poética pós-antropogênica, com o objetivo de articular estratégias para ressignificar as relações entre humano-data-paisagem para além das heranças epistemológicas modernas. Este percurso foi realizado a partir da experiência colaborativa ///rios.força.fluxo (2020), livro interativo de nossa autoria, na qual a união entre campos da natureza e tecnologia é potencializada pelo devir artístico atravessado pela virtualidade espaço-rio com o fluxo de rastros-memória recuperados de nossos bancos de dados imagéticos pessoais.

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ABSTRACT: Thinking Within and Across is a critique of the human mind as separate from other intelligences, isolated by the project of Modernity and its imprint on science, religion, philosophy and theories of the mind. Sourcing logic models within microbiological systems, art collective Cesar & Lois seeks to work across different intelligences, through what we call a “bhiobrid” (bio-digital hybrid) intelligence—a crossing of human knowledge through books with the pre-human logic of microorganisms and a post-human artificial intelligence. The microbiological intelligence is based in nature and reflects knowledge embodied within whole systems. This type of microbiological knowledge is also endemic to human beings; much of our bodies is host to microbial entities, and those simple microbes interact with complex multicellular networks within the human body. Alternatively, at the forefront of artificial neural networks are attempts to replicate the human brain’s processing of electrical signals, resulting in a human-based super intelligence. We look to microbiological logic.

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